Your body will be relaxed in the hands of our professional technicians at Lotus Spa A complimentary cup of herbal tea is provided both before and after treatment.


Between the chaos and worries of everyday life, between the bustling tiredness of work and social relationships, finding yourself a moment of relaxation is a must for all of us.

      There are many methods and destinations, where you receive care and can refresh yourself in a comprehensive way. As we all know, relaxation is not merely seeking peaceful moments in our soul and to forget the worries of life, but also to help the body regain lost energy sources, increasing health, ready for new jobs as well as any challenges ahead. Therefore, traditional massage is the first choice, an ideal treatment for those who wish to improve their health, find peace with those moments of comfort and decrease any worries.

      Vietnamese traditional massage must be understood as a combination of a general balance between specific treatments. It has been shaped by the experience of many generations of good and well renowned physicians.

      It is not simply the massage, but also identifying precise points on the body which will enhance flow and expansion of the structure exposed by instinct – the co-ordination of both single and complex movement.

      With more than 20 years of experience and growth, Lotus Spa massage is proud to be one of the best health care centers in Vietnam using traditional massage methods.

      We invite you to come to Lotus Spa, where our customers not only receive a warm welcome from our experienced staff, but can relax and improve their health with 6 steps of our specialized treatment plan.

      A complimentary cup of herbal tea is provided both before and after treatment.

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