Facial Care

Our facial treatments include a gentle cleanse, exfoliation, toning and hydration, while pampering you with a soothing scalp, facial, and also arm massage. Choose from our traditional Asian botanical based treatments or European bio-science formulations for results-oriented effect.

Gentlemen’s Facial Treatment
Duration : 1 hr
Price : 490,000đ ($21)
Basic Facial Treatment
Duration :1 hr
Price : 490,000đ ($21)
Lotus Signature Facial Treatment
Duration : 1 hr
Price : 640,000đ ($28)
Anti-Aging Collagen
Duration : 1 hr 15 min
Price : 880,000đ ($38)
Detox Facial with Natural Fruit Mask
Duration : 1 hr 10 min
Price : 910,000đ ($40)

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