Your body will be relaxed in the hands of our professional technicians at Lotus Spa A complimentary cup of herbal tea is provided both before and after treatment.


Between the chaos and worries of everyday life, between the bustling tiredness of work and social relationships, finding yourself a moment of relaxation is a must for all of us.       There are many methods and destinations, where you receive care and can refresh yourself in a comprehensive way. As we all know, …



Package treatments are ideal for those who desire a complete head to toe spa experience. They are a great pampering treat and also ideal as gifts for any occasion. All packages have been discounted 10%. Awakening PackageDuration:2 hr 30 minPrice:1,100,000đ ($47)Royal hot stone treatment 90min.Signature facial 60min. Invigorating PackageDuration:2 hr 30 minPrice:1,200,000đ ($51) Detoxifying body …


fooor relax

Legs are an important part of the human body, supporting the body and providing a stable platform for walking. The foot is also the place where many nerves lead to organs in the body – any harmful effects have an impact on human health. Foot massage is a wonderful solution to improve your circulation and …


pain release

Todays body is often overloaded with work. It can show this with pain in the muscles of your body, or tiredness from stress. Lotus Spa can help to clear worries, help your body regain energy with acupressure and massage therapy and improve blood circulation. Head, Neck & ShouldersDuration:30 minPrice:260,000đ ($11) Neck, Shoulders & BackDuration:45 minPrice:300,000đ …


wash hair

The therapeutic hair spa treatments help restore balance to stressed scalps, creating an optimal environment for healthy hair. All treatments include a pre-treatment essential oil scalp massage, followed by neck, arm, and shoulder massage, and finish with styling. Shampoo, DryPrice:110,000đ ($5) Shampoo with Head & Shoulder MassagePrice:220,000đ ($9)


Nail care

Women are more concerned with the care and beauty of their nails. It is the diversity and the ability to constantly change the color and design of nails-art designs that make women eager to experience this procedure. A beautiful nail set is an interesting highlight of each lady’s style. Manicure & ColourPrice:110,000đ ($5) Pedicure, ColourPrice:110,000đ ($5) …


Hot wax

For women to feel attractive, waxing can be your answer. We can effectively and safely remove hair. At Lotus Spa we always use the best waxing products around to help you look good and feel confident with your body. Under ArmsPrice:110,000đ ($5) Upper LipPrice:110,000đ ($5) Arms FullPrice:270,000đ ($12) Arms HalfPrice:160,000đ ($7) Legs fullPrice:330,000đ ($14) Legs …


beauty body

Designed to stimulate the lymphatic flow to energize the skin, the treatments include a full body scrape and finish with a gentle massage using a hydrating biodegradable lotion leaving your entire body velvety soft and revitalized. Detoxifying Body ScrubDuration:45 minPrice:420,000đ ($18) Scrub & Wrap With Black Sesame or CoffeeDuration:45 minPrice:450,000đ ($20) Sunburn Wrap: Honey Coconut …