About Us

Come to us for a beautiful experience

Today, with increased working pressure, people are eager to have an ideal place to relax both spiritually and physically. Lotus Spa is an effective solution, where you are in a professional space, can relax to remove fatigue, tiredness, and enjoy better health.

With a warm, luxurious design, and using the natural essential oils of Dermalogica (one of the world’s leading skincare companies), and together with highly skilled and enthusiastic staff members. You will be impressed right from your first visit to Lotus Spa.

Lotus Spa is located near luxury resorts in Phú Quốc; this is the place dedicated to you for the most peaceful and relaxing moments. Feel free to contact us for your chance to feel a “better health” for a “better life”.

You will really relax and feel comfortable with our professional, friendly staff.

With us, every customer will be a loved one!